Saturday, November 12, 2016

Summer 2016

The Meyers family had a great summer of 2016!!! A loooong road trip that we just refer to as the wedding weekend trip...2 weddings in 2 days back to back in two different states 4 hours from each other. Wedding one was in Ann Arbor, MI to see my cousin Will marry Nattie. Wedding 2 was in Pennsylvania to see and be in my friend Meghann's wedding. We also went to lots of beaches, parks, camping, splash pads, pools, library programs, had playdates, concerts, the Como Zoo and fairs. Ill do a post of its one for our day at the MN State Fair and another post for Chris and I's 10 year anniversary which was also celebrated this summer.  I'll try to pick some of our favorite pictures below...I know lots of you follow me on FB so have already seen and heard about our summer and life, but I'm trying to get back into the blog since it is so fun to go back and read. Linnea has recently grown interested in looking at our past photo albums so I think we will look through the blog soon too. Linnea played tball and took guitar and piano this summer. We enjoyed watching the Rio Olympics and we even had our own "Games" with some friends. We also had a Closing Ceremonies party where everyone brought a dish from a different country :) We celebrated daddy's bday, Father's Day, ate lots of ice cream and went to two Saints Games. Linnea enjoyed her 4 weeks of summer school and I enjoyed working mine too. Linnea loved her week of VBS with friends and  Harper hopes she can go next year! No Twins games for us this summer nor the United Soccer team which I really wanted to but oh well. We filled it with many other things...

 Brodini Magic Show at the Library. The girls volunteered to go up and help!

Wabun Splash Pad by Minnehaha Falls!

One trip the Como Zoo on the day the butterfly gardens opened. And the polar bear slept thru the whole thing. 

Como Pool with Daddy!

First Outdoor Movie...Frozen!

Fun with Papa in the kiddie pool!

Dave opening his Fathers Day card at Peyton and Ella's bday party!


Coolin off with a large popsicle at a puppet wagon show!

The beginning and end of the 13 hour trip to Michigan! We made it in good time an no one got sick!

Good morning groom!

 Fairy door hunting before the wedding!

A beautiful, sweet outdoor ceremony! 

 Almost the whole family and almost all looking and smiling!

Wedding #2 in PA! We left wedding 1 around 9pm and arrived at our hotel around 1am. I was at my friends house getting my hair done and visiting around 9am! WHIRLWIND!!! But so glad we did both!

Marvelous Marvel Wedding! So fun that all three of us New Orleans gals are now married with kids!

Best friends even though we hardly see each other. Thank goodness for facebook!

Our daughters all playing and eating! 

They get along as if theyve known each other their whole lives. 
LOVE it! It was hard to leave as it always is but we are already thinking about our next reunion!

On our way home we stopped in Toledo and found a free fun botannical Garden to go on the 4th of July.

We found a local place to get root beer floats and chili dogs for lunch :)

We drove on from Toledo to just outside of Chicago for the fireworks. Im not sure where the pictures are but we did see a great fireworks show! It knocked these gals out! 

We sopped in Madison on our way home and went to the free Zoo there. Unfortunately Linnea did get carsick on the way there so she didnt enjoy it very much. She stayed out and colored with papa while Chris, my mom, Harper and I walked through the Zoo. It was pretty hot so these bomb pops tasted great! It was a very similar zoo to Como. We had a great time and I think Harper liked all the attention on her but she did miss having big sis while looking at the animals. We went on a cute train ride together. 

We made it home safe and sound even in the rain/thunderstorm. We did have a tree down when we got home but no major damage. 

The Meyers girls and friends made it to almost every Groovin in the Garden at Como which is the picture above and I was lucky enough to go to the Basilica Block Party with my friend Melissa who was here from FL and had an extra ticket. It was so much fun! I hadnt been there in years. Its a beautiful spot for music! X Ambassadors were there for sure and Im forgetting who else but it was a great show!

T-ball and Conny's with friends and grandparents! So fun...but Linnea says she s retiring from tball. Perhaps Harper will follow mamas footsteps and be a softball player :) Not a huge deal if neither do though.  

 Another picture from Meghann's wedding...just out of order :)

Daddy and Linnea had a date at the Saints Game since Harper refused to put a shirt on. We were hoping for a family date but Harper was in rare form and we just couldnt get a shirt on her. Its tough being 3.

We tried camping with the Wallins and Clemens this summer. Just happened to fall on the hottest weekend of summer which lead to a terrible storm so we made it one night and packed up in morning and went bowling and spent the rest of the weekend at the Clemens whose house was about 15 minutes away. Got swimming in twice though and we were only about an hour from home at Carver Regional Park so it wasn't a huge deal.  We had a blast and hope to go more next summer!

Night swimming to cool off before bed!

Morning swim before storm and bowling!

Oops another out of order picture...this was at the Madison Zoo too :)

Daddys birthday! We grilled and went to get froyo!

 Another night outdoor movie....Zootopia!

A quick swim at Carver beach before pizza and bowling in Red Wing with gma Sarah and aunts and cousins! 

The girls read enough and did enough library activities to earn free journals and state fair passes!

We went to storytime with TC Bear and gm and papa. Harper thought it was the best! We went to Lake Elmo afterwards for a lot of swimming and having a picnic.

 We also had a beach day with our neighborhood friends at Lebanon Hills! The girls and I did our fun little hike around it too. 

That evening the Rio Olympics began!!!! YAY!

We went to The Little Mermaid play/musical at the Como Pavilion which was very cute but too long for Harper. Daddy came to pick her up at intermission on his way home from work. He worked part time at Target for a few months.


Free Community Olympics Events at Target Field Station

Cousin Day at the Waterworks by gma and papas. Chris and I gave the boys an "experience" bday gift this year and paid for them to get in.  We all had a blast!

The girls and I went to dinner with gma and papa that night since it was kids eat free and happy hour with all MN beer on tap. Perfect way to end the day!

I found a canopy for Linneas bed, however she said it makes it too hot so we have taken it down and hope to try it again this winter.

We had a day at the Pierce County Fair with Gma Sarah, Peyton and Ella. SUPER fun! Rides, food, animals and crafts!

We met up with the rest of the fam at gma Sarahs for fried chicken and walked down to Flat Pennys.

The girls and I and papa got to go to princess night at the Saints game since gma Sarah won tickets but couldnt make it and Chris was at work.

Training for the Olympics!

Elias was here visiting so we got the neighbors together for a bbq! Elias and his family used to live here and his wife Susana watched Harper for 6 months :)

 We made it to a few puppet wagons :)

Our friend Olympics and wading pool day! We had a race, javelin throw (noodles), discus throw (frisbee), shotput (water balloons) and I dont remember what else but it was lots of fun, just very hot! 

Thank goodness for the wading pool!

Cousin sleepover time!

Closing Ceremony Party!

Madisons Playground in Woodbury with the Wallin girls. 

Como Zoo again :)

Followed by Wabun splash pad again :)

This girl loves pushing her stroller!

We went to one music at the History Museum and had so much fun,

It was Irish dancing night and the girls really got into and even danced with some of the dancers!

We squeezed a trip into our new dentist which is minutes away before school started up. Harpers first time...she took a ride in the regular chair but had her "exam" in this higher chair. It didnt go that well and but I think they got a count of the teeth and a little cleaning in. We will keep trying!

Thanks for the recommendation Carl Wallin!

We went to the Childrens Museum with a free pass and Candyland after our appt. Of course candy after the dentist right?

From there we went to Tamarack Nature Center!

What a bust and fun ended with a "campout" on our living room floor after our girls date to a Finnish Bistro for dinner to use a groupon.  The girls had donuts and juice for dinner and I had tomato soup, a beer and bread. It was delicious for all!

WHAT A SUUUUUPER SUMMER! It always goes soooo fast. 
Stay tuned for hopefully more frequent blogs!